Weir AE86 Spool assembly with Bearings and races

Toyota Corolla AE86 SR5 & GTS - Weir full spool

$ 199.00

Engineered to specifically fit Toyota AE86 rear axles. These Weir spools are cheap insurance to prevent breakage.  Race-tested in the highest horsepower drift machines!   

Weir full spools allow you to “lock” your rear axle. This is similar to welding the spider gear assembly but is far stronger. We have many customers who drift using our spools. Although there is a lot of “talk” about this subject on the forums few people realize the full spool option is a good one. Since the spool is made from a single forging there are no small parts to break and no clutch plates to wear out. Also, the spool reacts the same every turn, every time. We do not recommend the spool option for daily driven vehicles. Weir spools are made from forged chromemoly steel, heat treated then finished machined. 

We run the Weir Spool in the Chris Jeanneret Racing Honda S-2000 drift car!