Ford 427W 550HP Cobra Engine

$ 24,722.00

Need a kick-ass engine for your Cobra? EFI driveability and huge power that is totally reliable?  We have just the engine for you.

We start with a Ford cast iron 351W block, magnaflux inspected then fully machined to be ready for a 4.00" stroke Forged Steel crankshaft, mated to Forged Steel Rods and Forged Pistons. Pretty standard stuff so far like Clevite or King Bearings.

The short block is then fitted with Trick Flow 11R heads with our porting, a CJR specification roller-hydraulic cam and 1.60:1 Roller Rockers turned by a precision double-roller timing chain set.  

On Top is a Borla Throttle Body injection system for serious power or Borla 8-Stack fuel injection system for the old school Weber look.  Both systems offer great driveability and look fantastic in a Cobra.  Like they were meant to be there!

To make all this work right we use an AEM ignition system that will allow tunabilty to make your Cobra "Shoot the flames!" when you want and to be docile when you have precious cargo aboard.  We will provide a base map or you can have us fully tune the beast in our shop for the perfect install.

This is a no BS system from top to bottom.  Reliable horsepower on tap when you want it. Racing honed forged components to be reliable and State of the ART electronics to manage the vitals of your engine.

If you are tired of the old Mustang 5-Oh yawn in your Cobra, call us!!   


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