Federal 595 High Performance and Racing Tires

$ 66.99

The 595 is a great choice for Formula Drift cars!  High Traction and Reasonable pricing!!

Federal's extremely successful UHP, the former ss595, has been re-positioned and renamed simply as the 595. Slight technical changes have been made by FTC to tire competition.

Combat-bred, performance driven, designed for those requiring flat-out performance, no other tire grips like the 595, yet still provides for the basic comforts of everyday driving. Aggressive V-shaped tread and innovative silica compound maximizes higher level of adhesion, resistance to aquaplaning, and gives your car the ultimate control in acceleration, cornering and braking.

  1. Our latest tire technology, TTIC, for smoothness, speed, and safety. 
  2. M.P.O. (Magnified Performance Optimization) technology – for consistent performance throughout the tire's life. 
  3. Three Radius Tread Arc delivers even pressure across the contact area. 
  4. Steel Sidewall and Belts enhance optimum performance in all temperatures. 
  5. Opti-Noise Technology for a quiet, comfortable ride. 
  6. Aggressive uni-directional tread pattern enhances high speed stability and traction.   
  7. Unique shoulder block design for predictable handling in different driving conditions.

If you do not see the specific tire size you are looking for, please contact us.  There are many other size options we can provide.