Drift School 102

Chris Jeanneret Racing

$ 749.00

Drift Technique 

(1 to 4 students, possibility of more for corporative programs)


Cars used: Drift Spec BMW M3

  • 40 minutes of class theory, 120 minutes of practice on skid pad (wet surface)
  • Identify, control and avoid under steer
  • Control oversteer produced by power over
  • Learn and practice the specifics drift initiation techniques
    Power oversteer, e-brake, clutch-kick, left foot braking
  • Learn how to release the steering wheel during drift transitions
  • All is included: instructor, track location, car, gas, tires.
  • Requirements: 16 years old and older, parental signature for under 18. Experience with manual gearbox


      $749.00 Per Student Max of 2 per day

After Purchase please email Chrisjeanneretracing@gmail.com to setup your time and date for this class.

All class's will be held on Sunday's during the winter months.