Custom Length Stainless Steel Brake Hoses -3 AN

$ 27.70

-3 AN Custom Length Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

We fabricate our Braided Steel Brake Lines in-house using the best PTFE hose available with Phenix Crimped Fittings.  Clear or Black coated stainless lines protects the appearance and adds abrasion resistance to the hose.  A wide variety of Hose Ends are available to fit your needs in Stainless or Black Steel.  If we don't list the hose length or the fittings you need please give us a call.  We will gladly build the optimum for your car.     

Our stock hoses feature a straight -3 AN Female Hose End on one end and one of three optional ends on the opposite end.  Select Straight, 45 Degree, or 90 Degree fittings for the opposite end. If you prefer reusable hose ends we can also provide them installed.

When measuring hoses, include the fittings in the overall length. For clocking, place one end pointing down at 6 o'clock for 0 degrees and measure the angle of the other end counter clockwise from the 0 degree position.  For example a hose with ends that line up at 6 o'clock and 1 o'clock would be 160 degrees.  That is Thirty Degrees per hour position.  

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