AiM Sportline MXS Strada Digital Display

$ 1,139.00

    Interested in the latest in Race Car Dashes?  Here they are! Multi-functional and colorful displays to provide the information you need to know, When you need to know it!!  Tough Enough for 24 hour endurance racing, compact and light enough for any vehicle
    Both Values and Idiot lights to call attention to your cars most important operating parameters.  Integrated and easy to install with AEM Engine Controls. You will have State of the Art information as you drive. 


  • AiM dashloggers and Displays provide all the info needed by professional racers as well as by newbies. 
  • These products have been designed with the aim to make configuration and usage smooth and easy either for amateurs and for people with sophisticated technical background. 
  • They acquire and display data coming from your ECU, the internal accelerometer and gyro, as well as from the GPS08 module included in some kits, analog/digital inputs and predefined math channels. Performance and data acquired can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules.

We consider the MXS Strada the perfect for display where full data logging is not required.  The MXS Strada is a 5" color display with great visual impact, configurable to show lap times and all the info coming from the Engine Control Unit, analog/digital inputs, pre-defined math channels and - optionally - the GPS Module.  

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