AEM Infinity Wire Harnesses Custom-fit for your Chassis

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Want to run the best Engine Management System on the market today but they call you Sparky or Flash?  Have a shit-pile of wires and no idea where they go?

The CJR Rywire team have a solution for your black tape blues.  Get those lamp cords and speaker wires out of your engine harness for good.  We have harnesses for almost every engine and chassis combination today.  From LS to 2JZ, RB and Rotary too!! S2K or S13, E46 or Supra, run the AEM Infinity with complete confidence the wiring is delivering the right signal to the right place.   Running a Stock ECU we can also support you.  

These Rywire built harnesses are Mil-Spec construction and materials plus they are  designed with your car in mind.  Tough Tefzil wire that is individually terminated with OEM quality crimps and weather resistant connectors.  Over-wrapped in Raychem D-25, one of the best temperature and chemical protection wraps in the world for  optimum high temperature fluid resistance, and long term heat and abrasion resistance. 

These are no BS harnesses and THEY WORK! These are the definition of Plug and Play. Use them with our 6-Switch Panel and Fuse/Relay box for and even easier installation.

Contact us for your ECU, Engine, and Chassis combination and pricing.

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