Our Very own Chris Jeanneret testing his FD spec S2000 for the first time.
First ever event with Chris Jeanneret Racing as new team manager and engine builder, we supplied track support, engine and chassis support, and driver coaching, and the proof is in the putting.
LS3 built, tuned and track support by Chris Jeanneret Racing for Baggsy Biagioni, this new engine and suspension tuning has elevated Baggsy's driving and performance to be one of the worlds best drifters and teams.
Chris Jeanneret racing supplied project managment for the worlds first lsx turbo r35 gtr, we also tuned the engine with an AEM Infinity ecu and helped build the custom turbo setup. This was a start to finish project in 3 months time. The whole build took place in England at SB Motorsports with our team we can build anything and anywhere.