Custom Roll Cage Design and Fabrication

$ 1,200.00

Don't trust your safety to the garage mechanic with muffler tube!!

When it comes to Roll Cages, we can provide you with full service design, fabrication, and installation.  We feel we have the best designs to make your car safe but also to make the cage less intrusive in the cockpit. 

Our Roll Cage designs and fabrication take into account the rules of race sanctioning bodies and the enhancement of vehicles existing safety structures.  We work to limit room and visibility issues, and access to the vehicle by positioning tubes as far from the drivers body as possible.   

Options include Chrome-moly tubing or mild steel, Mig or Tig welding and removable sections to allow maintenance or egress.  

Our pricing is very good and we stand behind our products.  General prices are listed for Roll Bars and Cages.  Door Bars and Anti-Intrusion Bars are also optional.  Call us for your specific vehicle and promotional offers!!

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