PONTIAC GTO Steering Angle Kit (2004-2006)

$ 3,600.00

This IMPROVED Chris Jeanneret exclusive kit will transform your steering into 70 degrees of parallel steering angle. with a new lower control arm set and offset rack spacers, modified factory knuckles.  Requires minor clearancing of the steering rack. 

*** This is an Updated and Improved Kit over the Original CJR design *** 

 Kit includes; 

-Lower control arm assembly

-Offset rack spacers

- Modified steering knuckles (core charge $180.00 USD) 

*Note that the factory tie rods will need to be replaced and the rack threads tapped  since the factory rack is pinched to the threads on the tie rods  (14mm x 1.5 thread pitch) 

This kit also fits the 2004-06 Holden Monaro chassis

We are behind on orders of these new kits. Please bare with us as it takes 2 weeks to assemble the kit.


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